The original MacBook Air was a great laptop, but it had its fair share of shortcomings. The most of those were related to its performance, which was slow at best, but it wasn’t just the performance that could be improved either. One of the things was the MacBook Air was designed to run at a high CPU temperature, which in turn made it shut down pretty often due to overheating.

To turn it up a notch, consider using a Thunderbolt 3 or 3rd gen Gigabit Ethernet hard drive. These devices allow for a staggering amount of bandwidth when you are using a Thunderbolt 3 port. You can pick up a 3rd gen Gigabit Ethernet drive for about $30 or $40. If you don’t want to pay for one of these, you can use a Thunderbolt 2 enclosure to plug a 3rd gen Gigabit Ethernet drive into; you can pick these up for about $15.

If you’re a Mac owner, you know that your laptop is nothing short of amazing. But did you know that a few tweaks can make your MacBook even better? You can optimize performance with the help of the best Mac performance tuning apps. In this post, I will show you some great solutions to boost MacBook’s performance.

MacBooks are pretty reliable, but you shouldn’t expect them to be flawless. Sooner or later you will notice problems with your computer. These include crashing, freezing and performance degradation in video games, regular appearance of a spinning beach ball and insufficient battery life. If these problems become too obvious, don’t expect them to go away on their own. No, you should make an effort to make them less visible or disappear altogether. And to help you with that, here are some good suggestions that will help you.

Make sure the system is free from malware

Malware and other cybersecurity threats should be checked as a priority when you notice a sudden decrease in your MacBook’s performance. While Macs are fairly reliable and not as vulnerable to cyber security issues as other devices, there are still threats that attack macOS and cause problems. In addition to scanning your system and removing corrupted files with antivirus software, you can add an extra layer of security by enabling the firewall. Using virtual private networks when surfing the web is also useful if you pay for a VPN.

Control of background and visual effects

Saving system resources should also have a positive effect on the overall performance of your MacBook. Some people overdo it with background applications and leave them running even when they are not needed. At the same time, some Mac owners forget to close the startup applications as soon as their computer boots up. word-image-18308 Add to that the fact that you probably have keyboard lighting or some other unnecessary visual effect enabled, and the overall use of Mac resources is woefully inadequate. Take the time to step out of your usual routine and turn off unnecessary visual effects. For background applications, you can check the activity indicator and sort the processes by CPU or RAM usage to see which applications are consuming the most resources.

Prevent the desktop from becoming cluttered with application and document shortcuts

Saving shortcuts to applications and important documents is convenient because you don’t have to search or navigate through multiple folders and directories to open files. However, this convenience causes performance issues for the MacBook. Every shortcut on the desktop is a source of resource consumption. When you switch from the Mac desktop to other tabs, the system displays the desktop icons. And the more icons there are, the worse the problem gets. Avoid clutter on your desk. Instead of saving your shortcuts and documents there, move them to another folder on the MacBook and use the search function to find the file again if you forget where it is. Using the search function may take a few extra seconds, but those few seconds are worth it.

Hardware upgrade if Mac model is compatible

Investing in hardware upgrades can be quite expensive, but for Mac users the biggest problem is not money, but compatibility issues. Not all models are compatible with the new devices. word-image-18309 However, if your model is compatible and you have the money, you can upgrade your old MacBook with new hardware. The most popular options are adding memory and replacing the hard drive with a solid state drive. SSDs are much better in terms of speed. Attention should also be paid to the external graphics processor, however, eGPUs are quite expensive and you may not notice a big difference unless you are playing video games or watching HD media.

Clear out the clutter to free up space on your MacBook

If you can’t free up space on your MacBook, you shouldn’t expect your computer to perform at its best. Memory shortages are not uncommon, as Macs generally have weak memory devices. In addition, the latest models are equipped with SSDs instead of HDDs. Although the first option is better in terms of overall performance, it offers less space. There are several tricks to overcome the lack of memory on your Mac. These techniques include:

  • Do not store large media files and use streaming platforms to watch movies and TV shows or listen to music.
  • Remove temporary system garbage, such as. B. Backups and application caches, with the cleanup utility.
  • Delete old applications, downloads, media and other files you no longer need.
  • Look for possible malware that may be taking up disk space.
  • Move files to an external hard drive or iCloud.

Remove dirt that has accumulated inside the notebook

Make it a habit to dust the inside of your laptop, or have someone do it for you if you’re afraid you’ll damage the internal hardware. Dirt in the computer causes performance problems. This also stresses the internal fans and leads to overheating.If you are a Mac user and one day your computer suddenly works very slowly, you no doubt feel annoyed. It is no good just doing a hard reboot without a proper solution. Luckily, you can find some very easy ways to boost your MacBook’s performance.. Read more about five tips to speed up your mac and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean up my Mac to make it run faster?

Mac owners have been complaining about their computers slowing down and becoming sluggish for years. Contrary to popular belief, that’s not because your Mac is old—although it’s true some models age faster than others—it’s because of the hard drive. It’s the primary component in your Mac, and it constantly runs in the background, loading and deleting files and performing other tasks. This constant activity uses up the RAM, which keeps your Mac running at top performance. For many Mac users, performance is a constant concern. If you’re looking for ways to make your Mac run faster, you’ve come to the right place. There are many things you can do to keep your Mac running at optimal performance.

How can I speed up my Mac 2021?

Mac users have traditionally been a little bit slow in terms of performance. But 2018 is the year concerning speed. The entire SSD technology has evolved, boosting speeds and filling up the gap between HDD and SSD. But do you know how to speed up your Mac in 2019? How can you boost your MacBook’s performance? In this article, I will discuss a few ideas that will help you speed up your Mac. The MacBook was released in the second quarter of 2014 and is Apple’s most powerful laptop. It boasts a new keyboard, high speed processors, and a retina display. It is fast, sleek, and powerful and is a must-have for anyone who travels and works on the go. But what if you could make the MacBook even faster?

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